The title of this blog is a reference to a specific moment in time when the archangels Michael and Lucifer were having an animated discussion at the Stull Cemetery outside of Lawrence, Kansas.

Lucifer, who had an extremely negative view of the two of them killing each other, suggested this alleged test from God himself was not worth undertaking. Inferring they were reduced to being pawns in this instance, Lucifer offered a non-confrontational counter-proposal to Michael… for the two of them to “just walk off the chessboard.”

In any given day, week, month, or year…I am sure there are times when each one of us considers walking off the chessboards we perceive we’re positioned upon. Hopefully, you’ll find this a destination worthy of visiting regardless of your current longitude and latitude.

I’ve authored three blogs previously, all of which have been committed to the Ether. My interests at those times skewed primarily towards sports, but this endeavor here will include a little bit of everything. On occasion, I’ll even sprinkle in some posts from the past (which in their time received tens and tens of views). After all, it’s not a rerun if it’s new to you…

Thanks for stopping by. Much appreciated.

(Oh, the above-referenced meeting took place in the final episode of Season 5 of the tv show “Supernatural.” Any resemblance to real archangels, living or dead, is purely coincidental…)


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