So there I was last night, re-watching the opening episode from the fourth season of the HBO series Westworld just before the second episode of this new season was to debut, and…

(We interrupt this post to advise readers in order to get the point of this post you do not…repeat do not…have to know anything about Westworld. If you don’t know what’s going on with Westworld that’s just fine, because none of us who have watched it from the very beginning know what the hell is going on either.)

…at the end of this re-watch episode I was reminded of a beautiful piece of instrumental music playing towards its conclusion. I had initially figured it was original music recorded for the show and probably not available just yet. However, I really liked it and was determined I should try to research its origin on the chance I could get a copy somewhere. I know there are websites which list background music used on movies and shows…but that info isn’t always made available immediately and I wanted to know now.

I searched #westworld on Twitter from the week prior when the episode first aired…and what-do-ya-know…a Twitter user had in fact tweeted out last week how cool it was Westworld used an instrumental from Lana Del Rey’s song, “Video Games.”

So, then I was off to iTunes to confirm that was in fact the same piece. Yep, it was. Then, over to Wikipedia to see what if any entries were there…and what-do-ya-know…it had a new entry stating an orchestral cover of “Video Games” was played at the end of the Westworld episode, composed by Ramin Djawadi. I was familiar with him, as he is known for a slew of famous movie and television scores including Iron Man, Game Of Thrones…and Westworld. I was also familiar with Lana Del Rey, but was way less knowledgeable of her work. I wound up listening to a number of her songs and was impressed. She could be an artist I’ll be doing more “in-depth” research on.

And…it is in moments like this where I find myself giving silent thanks I’m living in a world with such instant access to information…as well as all the various communication platforms we have at our disposal.

I was not only born pre-Internet, but pre-Fax machine (Google “fax machine” if necessary…). It is truly mind-boggling to think back occasionally to how very little we had in all our information and communication toolkits then, and how recent technology advancements have propelled us to where we are now.

The super-basic takeaway from my research to find what that music was all about…was simply how very little research was needed.


I don’t think any amount of research will ever determine what it’s all about.


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  1. I love Westworld! The fact that it keeps me guessing is half the fun. As for being born in pre tech days, I remember our electric typewriter being da bomb.

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  2. Ah, yes, pre-Internet days of research, Bruce. I recall a certain green music writer carrying a pen and reporter’s pad to the best-stocked local record store to write down unfamiliar song titles from lesser-known bands coming to play gigs in town.

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  3. Our son has been urging me to return to Westworld (I tried a few episodes from its first season). Maybe I’ll give it a go again. Re: Google. Was just talking about this with my husband–researching papers was SO different in the eighties. Not sure my kids remember the card catalog from their elementary school days in the nineties, but the feel, smell, and flip of the cards are still with me.

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    1. Kerry, I thought Season 1 was fantastic. To me, Seasons 2 and 3 went off the rails. However, Season 4’s first two episodes have showed the promise of a more simpler, more enjoyable watch like I think the first season was. The library card catalog – I had not thought about that in ages. Such a different time.


  4. Enjoyed listening to both versions of Video Games and Westworld remains on my watchlist, but I’ve never made it past the first season. I’ve loved getting lost in research over the decades and while I definitely miss the days it required going to my favorite bookstore, record store or video store to discover new favorites, I do love the instant access of researching something new on my phone. While I’ve adapted to streaming music, shows and movies, I still haven’t been able to replace reading actual books or still wanting to discover something new in a bookstore.🙂

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    1. So many folks loved that first season of Westworld…but I suspect a lot of them have moved on by now. As good as the first two episodes were, this past weekend’s episode went off-the-rails for me. As far as reading actual books, I still buy them also. And as far as information gathering goes, while I use my phone consistently to read various sports and entertainment feeds…I still like buying and reading actual newspapers. There is still something comforting to me about “holding” the written words, whether it be a book or a paper.

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